Monday, April 28, 2008

Raiders Draft - Reaction!

Several Mock Drafts had the Raiders taking the former University of Arkansas RB Darren McFadden #4 overall. This didn't surprise me or any other Raider fan one bit. I will go on record now by saying that if the decision was mine I would've drafted LSU DT Glen Dorsey, especially after he fell into the Raiders laps.

It would've filled the teams most pressing need and helped to solidify the defense. It would've also avoided having him in the AFC West and having to watch him develop as an NFL player while having to face him twice a year. The Raiders couldn't go wrong with either Dorsey or McFadden and I don't have a problem with the pick.

Al Davis couldn't pass up on adding the speed, big-play and game changing potential of RB Darren McFadden. I do like the selection and think Darren McFadden will have a very good Raider career when he has a defined role and has the potential to have an immediate impact. This tells us that the Raiders Defensive Tackles will be Tommy Kelly, Gerard Warren, Terdell Sands and William Joseph.

It goes without saying that DT Terdell Sands had a horrible year in 2007. The fact of the matter is that all of us fans thought we knew how bad his year was from watching him play. That couldn't be further from the truth; the guy lost two family members during the same month. Losing a family member is very hard to deal with for everyone and losing more than one is something I wouldn't wish upon anyone.

Perhaps one year removed from this he will play on the field will improve. I was looking to land a SLB that could come in a make an impact but that did not happen.

I love the 4th round selection of CB Tyvon Branch formerly of UConn who gives the Raiders a solid young corner with excellent size and speed that's not afraid to support the run and is also an excellent kick returner he will make an impact on special teams and 4 & 5 receiver sets this year.

I knew from the pre-draft visits and the roster that the Raiders were looking at the WR position. The second 4th round pick WR Arman Shields is a tlented receiver. He did have a better 2006 than 2007 but a talent regardless. He has excellent size 6' 1" 187 lbs. he runs a 4.37 40-time, tall and fast with outstanding hands and runs good routes. Runs hard after the catch. Works well in traffic, going across the middle and battling. Has natural hands and attacks balls. He was worth the pick because of his hands, precise route-running and toughness.

The selection of DE Trevor Scott formerly of the University of Buffalo is an interesting pick. He's 6' 5" 256 lbs. he's a tall DE with speed. He's raw, high-motor converted tight end with upside. He does need to develop his technique to make an impact but he gives the team another player to work with and develop at the DE position.

The selection of WR Chaz Schilens formerly of San Diego State is a big receiver (6'5" 225 lbs. ) with deceptive speed for his size but he doesn't have blazing speed. He could play a H-Back role but needs to become a better blocker.

Raiders 2008 Draft

Round 1, Pick 4 (4)
Darren McFadden
Pick Analysis:Arguably the most talented player in the draft, McFadden brings a big-play threat to Oakland. He will offer a compliment to quarterback JaMarcus Russell, who was the first overall pick in 2007. In three years at Arkansas, he carried 785 times for 4,590 yards and 41 touchdowns. He has exceptional acceleration and upper body strength.
Round 4, Pick 1 (100) (From Dolphins through Cowboys)
Tyvon Branch
Pick Analysis:Branch is strong, fast and has started for four years. His measurables have been exceptional. Branch's strong workout numbers compare to only five other players at his position and four have played in the Pro Bowl, while the fifth is a quality contributor in the NFL.
Round 4, Pick 26 (125) (From Jaguars through Ravens)
Arman Shields
Pick Analysis:Shields did not have as good a senior year as he did as a junior, but he's still tall and he's fast. He ran a 4.37 40 and also had impressive cone drill numbers. He's a guy who can amass yards after the catch and make plays.
Round 6, Pick 3 (169)
Trevor Scott
Pick Analysis:Scott is a tall defensive end, with speed. He has great workout numbers, but his production on the field was somewhat lacking. He needs to demonstrate on the field the talent that his workout numbers indicate he could be capable of.
Round 7, Pick 19 (226) (From Vikings through Jets)
Chaz Schilens
Pick Analysis:Schilens excites people because of his exceptional size and speed. Due to his pure athleticism, he will have a chance to make the roster. He still needs some polish as a receiver.

Friday, April 25, 2008

NFL Draft Time

It is upon us the NFL Draft and that yearly question what will the Oakland Raiders do with their 1st pick? As stated previously, it is almost impossible to believe what you hear from the Front Office & Coaches. We heard from Head Coach Lane Kiffin today and he provided some information but of course nothing definite. He spoke of the the Raiders being open to a trade down due to lack of overall draft picks in this draft. Here's my take on what I feel the Raiders should do on draft day:

1st round: DE Chris Long - University of Virginia

4th round: DT Ahtyba Rubin - Iowa State

6th round: SLB LeRue Rumph - North Carolina State

7th round: WR Patrick Carter - Louisville

7th round: OT Duane Brown - Virginia Tech

There is a strong possibility that Al Davis wants RB Darren McFadden to be a Raider which would replace the above mentioned pick of Chris Long. There is a strong possibility that the Raiders could trade out of the 4th overall pick with a team that wants to trade up. If the Raiders trade out and remain in the top ten the Raiders could target USC DT Sedrick Ellis or OLB Keith Rivers and receive and additional draft pick or two in the 2nd or 3rd round. If a team wants to trade up it will be an expensive endeavor for that team. It must be said that a great player can be found anywhere in the draft. Enjoy the Raider Draft and the entire sports weekend!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Parcells gets the win! Jake Long is No.1

It has been reported that the Dolphins and former Michigan LT Jake Long were in the process of negotiating a contract for Long to be the No.1 overall pick in the draft. It was reported today that it has happened. Jake Long signed a 5-year deal for a reported $57.5 Million Dollar contract with $30 Million Dollars in guaranteed money. Long will get $2 million dollars less in guaranteed money and $3.5 million less in total money than Raider QB JaMarcus Russell received. However, Jake Long is tied up for one less season. This writer is the same one who predicted that this would occur in the article titled “Bill Parcells is Going for the win”.

The fact that this was a year that there wasn’t one guy that was head and shoulders above the rest made the move easier. Bill Parcells in one swoop has done what some thought was impossible to select a guy who he felt would best help his team and pay that guy less than what the previous years No.1 overall pick signed for and have him signed prior to the draft.

He didn’t allow the players agent to sell him with the “you need this guy speech” and the fact that Jake Long isn’t a QB, WR or RB helped out. There was a moment there where it was thought that former Ohio State DE/OLB Vernon Gholston was in the mix to be the top pick but today’s announcement put that thought to rest.

You can go ahead and consider this the first win of the 2008-2009 season for the Miami Dolphins and the NFL. Several league owners were feeling the financial crunch of the extremely high rookie salaries and several teams at the top of the draft even attempted to trade down to avoid having to pay the price. As stated previously, Bill Parcells has the personality and the moxie to pull off this win. He will re-build the Dolphins as he has other teams in the NFL the old fashioned way, by bringing in hard-working blue collar players, smart draft choices and savvy personnel moves.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Draft Day Trade Rumors

The NFL Draft is 7 days away and Trade rumors are flying everywhere. The New York Jets have contacted the Raiders about moving up to the 4th overall pick to be able to draft former Arkansas Running Back Darren McFadden. The Raiders are asking for the Jets #6 overall draft pick and a 2nd round draft pick. The Jets have been doing their research and have met with Darren McFadden 3 times in the in the last two weeks.

Friday, April 18, 2008

JL Rants!

What to make of all of the WR prospects visits to the Raiders offices? None of the Wide Receivers that were brought in for visits will be selected 4th overall so what gives? The Raiders are doing their research in the event there is a draft day trade that has them move down a few slots while receiving more draft picks in the process perhaps in the 2nd & 3rd rounds. Another possibility is a draft day trade of CB Fabian Washington, CB Stanford Routt or FS Stuart Schweigert perhaps netting picks somewhere in the 2nd, 3rd or 4th rounds.

The Dolphins are currently negotiating with former Michigan LT Jake Long, if he signs to become the 1st overall pick it could 'shake up' the top of the draft board. The Jake Long signing could also make the Raiders drafting DE Chris Long a stronger possibility. The Dolphins Executive VP of Football Operations Bill Parcells is intent of paying this years top pick less money than what QB JaMarcus Russell signed for with the Raiders. I wrote a complete article about it that can be viewed via this link .

The Raiders can't go wrong with the 4th overall pick but a decision will have to be made between DE Chris Long, DE/OLB Vernon Gholston and RB Darren McFadden or a trade down as discussed previously. Stay Tuned.

Two WR's Prospects from the State of MI come in for a visit

The Raiders had two other Wide Receivers prospects in for a visit. The Raiders met with former Michigan WR Mario Manningham & former Michigan State WR Devin Thomas met with the team on 4/17/08. The Raiders are also showing heavy interest in Appalachian State WR Dexter M. Jackson. So look for him to make a visit to Alameda prior to the draft day. The team is also showing interest in Ferris State DB Patrick Wells. Wells is 5' 11" 194 lbs. 4.50 40-time. He projects as a 7th round pick or priority free agent.
He has food size and speed, along with experience at safety. Is a solid tackler who's not afraid to mix it up. Does well in bump -and-run coverage. Able to catch passes with ease.
Shows poor instincts and struggles to read plays correctly; gets beaten more often because of missed assignments than lack of talent.
Bottom Line:
Wells should get a shot in training camp because of his athletic ability, but has a long way to go as a player. He could be a great special teams contributor, however.

Raiders Sign Free Agent SS

The Raiders signed 7 year veteran SS and special teams ace Jarrod Cooper on 4/17. He has been a vital part of the Raider Special Teams unit. Also signed to a free agent deal was 4th year CB Michael Waddell formerly with the Titans.The 5' 10" 180 lbs. speedster from University of North Carolina, suffered a knee injury in 2006. He played corner and was a Kick & Punt Returner for the Titans in 2007.

WR Comes in for a Visit

University of Houston Wide Receiver Donny Avery visited the Raiders this week. He has been projected as high as a 2nd or 3rd round pick. He is 5' 11" 186 lbs. and he has world class speed running a 4.34 40-time. Avery is a dual threat player meaning he is a Wide Receiver & Return Specialist. Avery has a reputation as a one-trick pony but, as a home-run hitter with upside, he's an attractive weapon. He has added value because of his return ability. while he might never be a No. 1receiver at the next level, there's definitely a place for him in the NFL. He projects as an early impact player due to his flat out speed but needs to catch more passes away form his body and stop fighting the ball. He played in a spread offense in college and wasn't asked to run a lot of NFL-type routes. He has a lot of talent but could be a project at WR but an impact player as a return man.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Raiders Bring Top NFL Prospects in for a Visit

It has been thought by many that the Raiders will trade out of the #4 overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft. The Draft is 9 days away and there isn't one guy that stands head and shoulders above the rest. The Raiders are doing their research and are bringing all of the Top Prospects in for a face to face meeting. Coming to Alameda, CA for a conversation will be DE/OLB Vernon Golston, DE/OLB Chris Long, LT Jake Long and RB Darren McFadden. Also expected to make the trip to team headquarters is DT Glenn Dorsey. In the event that the Raiders don't trade out and keep the draft pick two of the above mentioned guys will be available when the 4th pick comes around. There is a strong possibility that 3 of the above mentioned guys will be available if the Falcons draft QB Matt Ryan with the 3rd overall pick. Stay Tuned

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

DE/OLB has a Private workout with the Raiders

One of the top draft prospects, Vernon Gholston from Ohio State University had a private workout with the Raiders on April 13th on the schools campus. The Raiders have shown interest in the former Buckeye and is potential to be an impact player. It has been said that he is sculpted like Adonis and looks like he is chiseled out of granite. He shows explosive power off the edge when he puts his hand in the dirt and turns it loose. Very good athlete. Very Strong and plays with leverage. He has excellent straight-line speed and can easily turn the corner. Can power through the double-team, changes direction, redirects and is adept in coverage. Has shown the ability to dominate (See Michigan & Wisconsin games). Good sack production. Gholston is smart, hardworking and loaded with upside. A power pass rusher who could fit as a prototype rush linebacker in the pros. May be at his best when responsibilities get simple and he is unleashed to attack the quarterback. Is not as physical or as nasty as Chargers OLB Shawne Merrimen but shows natural explosion coming off the edge and has proven he can be a game-changer. Does not know how good he can be and may have more upside than any player in the draft.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Los Angeles Lakers great weekend

The Lakers were faced with a daunting task this weekend with the best record in the Western Conference still in sight. To secure the top spot the Lakers had to win to back to back home games against the Conference leading New Orleans Hornets & defending World Champion San Antonio Spurs; but in reality it was two playoff games. The Lakers beat the New Orleans Hornets on friday night and came back and blew out the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday afternoon. The Spurs were playing without Manu Ginobli a fabulous player who would've made a difference. The Lakers have one game left a home game against the Sacramento Kings. If the Lakers win that game they will have secured the #1 spot in the Western Conference. The two wins were hard fought by the Lakers and fortunately they came out with wins. The Spurs are a veteran team that doesn't need the the top spot and until they're dethroned the defending world champions. This is going to be one of the most exciting Western Conference playoffs ever. Stay tuned for some memorable playoff series.

Los Angeles Lakers

In what some considered the game of the year for the Lakers on Friday night the Lakers beat the Western Conference leading New Orleans Hornets and also won the Pacific Division for the first time since the 2003-2004 season. The game could be described in three parts. Part I-The Lakers came out and put on a tremendous display of basketball with outstanding player movement, ball movement and played defense with playoff level intensity and raced out to a 30 point lead. Part II- the Hornets cut into the lead big lead and shaved 10 points off of it going into halftime and gained the momentum Part III the Hornets continued the onslaught and the Laker lead evaporated and it quickly became anyone’s game. Kobe Bryant lead the Lakers down the stretch and the Lakers played enough defense down the stretch to hold on for the win and avoid disaster. The Lakers defense could be their Achilles heal and if the Lakers don’t go to the Finals and win it all the built in reason why. The Lakers need to watch the film of what they did in the first quarter of the Hornets game and find a way to bottle it so it came come back for a return engagement. Their defense has to be a concerted effort by everyone. Defensively the Lakers rotations to shooters is slow, opponents are shooting wide open 3-point shots and attacking the Laker basket without any response. Their defense has been sporadic and sometimes non-existent. The Laker guards are having difficulty staying in front of the opposing guards and the dribble penetration has been killing the Lakers. This needs to be shored up before the playoffs start. The Lakers offensively are settling for too many jump shots as oppose to attacking the basket, they’re taking way too many 3-point shots and not running the triangle offense. I’m not saying the Lakers should stop shooting 3-point shots altogether, what I am saying is let success be your guide if you’re making them and the shots are within the flow of the offense take them. The Lakers need to start they’re offense through Paul Gasol from the inside out. Winning the division is a tremendous accomplishment considering the injuries the Lakers have suffered. The Lakers are truly missing Andrew Bynum’s presence in the middle and the forgotten man Trevor Ariza at 6’ 8” a slasher & terrific on the ball defender that can defend shooting guards and small forwards as well as spell Kobe Bryant when he needs a rest. The Lakers won’t receive any rest because coming to town on Sunday the San Antonio Spurs a team that is no stranger to the Lakers and the defending world championship team with a solid defense. In case you haven't noticed the playoffs have actually started already.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Best Outside Rush Linebackers Available in the 2008 Draft

These players are usually found in the Defensive End class of the upcoming draft. The optimum size for a Defensive End today is 6’5” 280lbs. and a lot of these guys aren’t blessed with the size or the strength to be a Base End. This year’s Defensive End class is as strong as any position in the draft, due in large part, to a very strong junior class. These guys are players who played Defensive End in college but for various reasons are being projected as Rush Outside Linebackers in the NFL typically in a 3-4 scheme. Some have even called this an Elephant position. Several of these juniors saw the opportunity being presented to them and jumped at the chance to fulfill a lifelong dream of playing football in the NFL.

Every year these are the guys that grab a lot of the headlines going into the draft that have phenomenal showing at the NFL Combines & Pro Day workouts. The most Desirable traits NFL teams seek in OLB prospects:

Instincts- The ability to find the ball, read play-action and mis-direction and quickly recognize whether to play the run or drop into coverage are critical at the OLB position.

Range- Outside linebackers operate in space and must be able to get depth in their drops and cover backs-sometimes even receivers-in the slot. They must have enough speed and range to flow to the ball and chase down backs from sideline to sideline.

Athletic Ability-The weak-side linebacker is expected to be the most productive player on the field by design and generally has the most opportunities to make plays. He must be fluid, flexible and athletic enough to do everything well and serve as a jack-of-all trades-rushing the passer, blitzing, slipping and taking on blocks, playing man and zone coverage.

Some of the best in the business are Julian Peterson, Keith Bullock and Ernie Sims. But the Big difference is a Rush Linebacker in a 3-4 must be a more accomplished pass rusher a player able to come off the ball low to the ground and bend. This position was made famous by the legendary Lawrence Taylor but today’s prototypes have to be Shawne Merriman & DeMarcus Ware. In this draft here are the best Outside Rush Linebackers who are rare physical specimen who have shown the ability to dominate :

1) Vernon Gholston-DE/OLB Ohio State 6’4” 265 lbs.
2) Chris Long- DE/OLB Virginia 6‘3” 274 lbs.
3) Derrick Harvey-DE/OLB Florida 6’4” 260 lbs.
4) Phillip Merling-DE/OLB Clemson 6’5” 270 lbs.
5) Lawrence Jackson-DE/OLB USC 6’4” 261 lbs.
6) Quentin Groves-DE/OLB Auburn 6’3” 249 lbs.
7) Brian Johnston-DE/OLB Gardner-Webb 6’5” 276 lbs
8). Jeremy Geathers-DE/OLB UNLV 6’2” 248 lbs.
9). Jeremy Thompson-DE/OLB Wake Forest 6’5” 264 lbs.
10) Jason Jones-DE/OLB Eastern Michigan 6’5” 272 lbs.

Rushing for 1,000-Yards, still a measure of success?

The NFL Season starts the weekend after Labor Day. Each team plays 16 games during a 17-week period. Since the NFL started there’ve been countless changes. The main one this article will focus on the number of games played during the regular-season. From 1935 – 1960 an NFL team played 12 games or less. This didn’t change until the 1961 season when the teams played a total 14 games. This particular change came about when the American Football League began play and one of things that made them different was playing a 14-game schedule over a 15-week period, in which each of the eight teams played each of the other teams twice, with one bye week. The NFL at that time had a fight on its hand; competition from the new league caused them to move to a 14-game season. Today’s NFL season consists of 16 games and has been that way since the 1978 season. When a running back rushes for 1,000 yards it is deemed a measure of success. The 1,000-yard barrier has always been a measuring stick of success for a running back. Is rushing for 1,000-yards in a season still an appropriate number? The question I pose is should it be? In today’s NFL, if a running back rushes for 1,000 yards in one season he has on average ran for 62.5 yards per game. Hardly a true measure of success unless of course those 62.5 yards were instrumental in deciding if the team won or loss. If that same runner churned out 40-50 yards in the 4th quarter and allowed his team to run out the clock and keep a hot opposing QB or offense on the sidelines 62.5 yards would be huge.

Going back in the day, so to speak, during a 14-game season if a running back rushes for 1,000-yards in one season he has rushed on average for 71.4 yards per game. This is almost a 10 yard per game increase in yardage but nothing spectacular. The increase is higher and more significant in a 12-game season with 83.33 yards per game average. So what is the real difference? The real difference is reflected in two different way’s 1) time of possession 2) the big breakaway runs. If you take away the big runs in the NFL of most players you’re talking anywhere from one or two a game so you would say 10-16 long breakaway runs per season. I’m talking runs over 20-30 yards.

On average I feel it can be viewed as productivity over long distance runs. I think the bar has to be raised now that it is a 16-game season and that measure of success for a running back has to increase as well. 85-yards per game in a 16-game season would put a runner in excess of 1,300 yards per season and should be the new measure of success for a NFL running back. This would usually allow that runners team to win the time of possession battle show a definite impact on the game and an impressive season. The breakaway runs would take this mark higher. It would come with its share of difficulty in this era of having two runners share the load in a two-headed rushing tandem. Having two runners share the load does extend the season for both runners and keep them from being exhausted in the 4th quarter. The bar needs to be raised although it will be at the expense of some individual rushing totals.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

JL's Rants

College Basketball
Funny how things change from season to season with NCAA Coaches, After a successful 28-8 season at Stanford University Coach Trent Johnson is gone. Leaving several fans with the How did that happen question. Stanford Athletic Director Bob Bowlsby has got some explaining to do. Could it be that Bowlsby couldn't rub shoulders with the proud and honest Johnson? Unless Bowlsby has some sort of righteous explanation than his tenure should be questioned. Coach Johnson had strong ties to Standford University and will be hard to replace. After 28-8 season and two sweet 16 appearences, a 159-122 record in 9 years of coaching he was hired today to be the Head Basketball coach at LSU. He takes over a team that has a record of 11-21 in the last two years. This is a loss that Stanford will regret and one that LSU will profit from.

As expected, USC freshmand Guard O.J. Mayo will enter the NBA Draft, he's more than likely going to be a top-10 pick.

Also as expected, UCLA freshman Center Kevin Love will enter the NBA Draft and will more than likely be a top-10 pick.

Syracuse lost high scoring freshman forward Donte Green to the NBA draft. He averaged 17 points a game.


Another trip to Portland has gone bad for the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers blew a chance to gain 2nd place in the Western Conference on Tuesday night letting LaMarcus Aldridge & Channing Frye go off for a combined 44 points and 22 rebounds. The Lakers are 2-12 at the Rose Garden. It was reported that Center Andrew Bynum will return from injury and play this sunday in a home game against the San Antonio Spurs. One of the biggest games of the season will be the friday contest at home against the Western Coference leading New Orleans Hornets.

The Lakers need to get their defense in gear otherwise these games prior to the playoffs will not end well. The idea of outscoring teams will not have a successful ending. I don't think that bringing Andrew Bynum back alone will improve the defense it will take a concerted effort by everyone on the team to fix that side of game.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Darren McFadden Pays a visit to Oakland

Several Mock Drafts and Draft experts have stated that the Raiders will draft Darren McFadden with the #4 overall pick in this months draft. Darren McFadden was in Oakland on Monday April 7th for a face-to-face visit with the coaching staff and the Front-office people will more than likely fuel more speculation. Keep in mind folks that Darren McFadden won't be the only draft prospect that comes to oakland for a face-to-face meeting. Coach Kiffin said at the owners meetings that "running back is really not a need for us." The Raiders already have Justin Fargas, Dominic Rhodes, Michael Bush, Lamont Jordan, Adimchinobe Echemandu, Reshard Lee on the roster. Darren McFadden is no ordinary running back. He's 6'2" 205 lbs. and ran for 1, 830 yards and 16 touchdowns in his junior year at the University of Arkansas. He is considered by many to be the best athlete in the draft but clearly the highest rated running back. He was not made available to the media.

The Draft Approaches ...

17 days, 20 Hours, 15 Minutes, 14 seconds until the 2008 NFL Draft. The teams are in their War Rooms discussing who will go where and who should we select. In the Oakland Raiders War Room there are several scenarios being played out. Conventional wisdom says that the Raiders still need to address the Defensive Line and go after a Defensive Tackle or a Defensive End. But in this years 1st round that means the decision is between Glenn Dorsey, Sedrick Ellis, Chris Long. More than likely two of these guys will be off the board when the Raiders pick comes up.

Several Raider fans have been going at it and arguing that Darren McFadden should be the guy selected. The feeling is that he is the best athlete in the draft and a potential franchise running back capable of scoring from anywhere on the field. That maybe true and he is a tremendous talent. However, everyone who thinks he should be the guy has to ask themselves 1) Did the Raiders run the ball well last year? 2) Shouldn't the Raiders use RB Michael Bush? 3) The Raiders have alot of money tied up in the RB position, should they add $20 million guaranteed to that position when other positions are bigger needs?

I feel that when draft day comes we'll here "...with the 4th pick in the 2008 NFL Draft the Oakland Raiders select Sedrick Ellis DT USC." In the event Chris Long is available he would be the guy. When you're spending $20 million you have to be sure. The Raiders have an abundance of running backs and I would use Darren McFadden as trade bait in the event the Jets, Patriots or Ravens want to trade up and provide the Raiders draft picks for the #4 spot. It looks like the Patriots and the Jets both want McFadden, Vernon Gholston or Keith Rivers. If the Raiders can trade with either AFC East opponents acquire a 3rd round pick and still be able to draft Sedrick Ellis or Keith Rivers it is a win-win situation. Stay tuned.