Sunday, April 13, 2008

Los Angeles Lakers great weekend

The Lakers were faced with a daunting task this weekend with the best record in the Western Conference still in sight. To secure the top spot the Lakers had to win to back to back home games against the Conference leading New Orleans Hornets & defending World Champion San Antonio Spurs; but in reality it was two playoff games. The Lakers beat the New Orleans Hornets on friday night and came back and blew out the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday afternoon. The Spurs were playing without Manu Ginobli a fabulous player who would've made a difference. The Lakers have one game left a home game against the Sacramento Kings. If the Lakers win that game they will have secured the #1 spot in the Western Conference. The two wins were hard fought by the Lakers and fortunately they came out with wins. The Spurs are a veteran team that doesn't need the the top spot and until they're dethroned the defending world champions. This is going to be one of the most exciting Western Conference playoffs ever. Stay tuned for some memorable playoff series.

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