Tuesday, May 27, 2008

JL Rants!

We've all heard more Spygate than we care to hear. The fact of the matter is that the Patriots cheated and got caught. The only one's who don't want to hear about it anymore are Pat's fans. If it wasn't blatant the Pat's wouldn't have been slapped with a $500,000 fine and have a 1st round draft pick ripped from them. As bad as that was there is a bigger issue going on.

The Pat's have been practicing players on the IR. This is worse than Spygate. Former NFL player and former Patriot Ross Tucker wrote a article stating that the Pat's did this while he played for them. Are the Pat's the only team doing this?

We now have two examples of the Pat's cheating 1) Spygate 2) Practicing players on the Injured Reserve list.

How many other ways have the Pat's been cheating? Practicing players on the IR gives gives a team an un-fair advantage, especially the Pat's an older team. You've got guys who are normally in the weight room or rehabbing out there getting reps. I like Coach Bill Belichick as a coach but I'm not buying what he said in a interview that he didn't understand the rules. That is an insult to our intelligence. Say goodbye to any dynasty talk Patriots fans the legacy is forever tainted.

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